Paint Touch Up & Chips Repair

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Luxus Auto Care is Ottawa's & Orleans first choice for bumper and paint repair. Our paint touch up services such as chip repair are in high-demand and for a good reason. With our micro-paint refinishing system, we have the ability to restore virtually every chip or scuff to it's original factory look. 

Unlike a full respray, paint touch up only targets a specific area, thus minimizing the size and cost of the repair. We start off by repairing your vehicle by covering all areas in the vicinity of the repair, including your wheels. Next we proceed by sanding and repair the damaged area by applying premium primer, then wet sanding, masking, prepping, and cleaning the area before applying the exact match paint. Our preparation process ensures optimal adhesion of the paint for a quality finish. 

Like it never happened.

With your vehicle's factory colour code, our colour mixing computer identifies the exact match paint mix which we apply with our professional grade spray gun or airbrush. The final step is to apply the clear-coat which gives your vehicle it's high-gloss factory finish. Most of our repairs come with a 25 years warranty.

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