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Xpel Ultimate Plus, Suntek Reaction, Stek and More!

Xpel Ultimate Plus or Suntek Reaction are the best films on the market!
Clear Bra provides the ultimate protection for your automobile's bumpers, headlights, hood, fenders and side mirrors; areas that are easily damaged by regular driving conditions. Suntek Ultra paint protection film is comprised of a thin, completely clear, urethane laminate film which protects your cherished car without compromising its shine and appearance.

This premium film lays over-top of the vehicles existing paint, reducing the risk of stone chips, scratches, bug damage, and abrasions. Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film (10 Year Warranty) or Suntek Reaction film (12 Year Warranty) is the leading paint protection choice for new cars in Ottawa and beyond. They extend the life of your vehicle's exterior by making it more valuable upon resale. The added self-healing properties of Suntek gives your vehicle a sharper and protected appearance.

When properly installed, clear bra paint protection is virtually invisible to the human eye. Installation requires skill and experience to reduce or eliminate installation errors such as lift lines, dry spots, stretch mark and bubbles which would make the film unsightly and then visible. Only an experienced installer can ensure smooth lines and reduce the need for relief cuts. Some installers may use a low price, therefore using a lower quality film, to gain customers so you get what you pay for. Our experience installers coupled with the unmatched clear paint protection film simply provides the best possible.

Paint Protection Film Packages

Pre-Cut Patterns for Accuracy & Wrapped Edges where possible
Bra package
starting price
 Partial Hood(18-24 inches)
 Partial Fenders
Headlights or Mirrors
Partial front
starting price
 Partial Hood (18-24 inches)
Partial Fenders
 Headlights or Mirrors
Full front
Reg. $1699
NOW $1499
starting price
Full Hood
Full Fenders

Drive a Tesla? Get a Free Ceramic Sealant (up to 6 months protection)
Custom kit/ Full vehicle
Full starting price @ $4,199
 Some special vehicles require full body coverage or special kits. We can install customized PPF on any vehicle at a very competitive price.
Ceramic protect the film
starting price
We carry the new generation of "super sealants" capable of preserving the appearance of your new or used vehicle for its entire life. Based on quartz, ceramic and nano-technology these coatings requires a specific application process to guarantee their optimal performance. Its in our unique way of preparing the surface prior to the application that is the foundation of this great service.
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Guy Levesque

2018 BMW M4 in java green, left in the hands of a Master...for GTechniq CS and Evo paint better than factory finish...impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail...well done Sutton. Luxus IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GO!!!! Check the pictures Sutton will soon post...

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Neil Patrick Kelly

Luxus offered the highest-quality and most efficient service I have ever received during four decades of driving. After many trips to the cottage with plants, flowers, bushes and equipment filling the SUV, the vehicle resembled a war zone of dust and grime. These lads missed NOTHING!

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Ottawa's Clear Bra Pros

Luxus Auto Care is the original Orleans Clear Bra installation facility. With our many years of installations, we have come to master our craft, we install kits and perform full custom jobs to protect your new vehicle's paint.

We also apply Clear Bra/PPF to protect polyurethane plastic headlights that can otherwise experience stone chips damage and oxidation turning clear headlight in dull yellow surfaces. In addition to new car paint protection film we also offer professional application of Gtechniq & Ceramic Pro paint coating

We have tested many different products and have found that these are the most performing protective coating on the market.