Headlight Restoration

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Permanent Headlight Repair

Oxidation, sunlight & abrasive elements can contribute to the fading or dulling of plastic lenses, rapidly decreasing your comfort and safety on the road. A CAA study revealed that 30% of headlights show obvious signs of headlight opacity which reduces their lighting effectiveness by up to 50%. According to research, restoring plastic lenses can increase visibility at night by 92% up to 1200%, and add 4 more seconds to react to an emergency. Luxus takes this matter very seriously and goes beyond the recommended guidelines by CAA for restoring polycarbonate and glass lenses. Our systematic multi-stage process is designed to repair opaque and yellow headlights by removing all oxidation, swirl-marks, deep scratches and haziness. Our headlight restoration package includes a UV and oxidation resistant sealant for a long lasting repair.
Basic Restoration $69
Sealed Restoration $129

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