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Our exterior detailing services include: paint correction, exotic car wash, restoring exterior surfaces such as wheels, headlights, trims, emblems and glass. Many vehicles, even brand new, are devalued by swirl-marks, buffer trails, leftover sanding marks from inexperienced detailers, water etching and scratches.

We can professionally remove these imperfections with accuracy and create unmatched clarity, gloss, and depth for your paint.  With hundreds of successful paint corrections under our belt, we have the experience to bring your cherished car back to a better-than-brand-new look. With proper detailing and maintenance, you are effectively increasing the value of your vehicles while maintaining a stunning and protected finish.

Paint restoration is our specialty and is what our staff loves to do. But life throws many challenges to the exterior of your vehicle and we’re here to help. Don’t be discouraged by things such as road paint, concrete, graffiti, or tree sap being embedded on your vehicle. It might seem impossible to remove but we’ve dealt with hundreds of these scenarios. Simply bring in your vehicle in for a quote and we will explain the step by step process we use to safely repair your car and then schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Our Packages

The COmplete
starting price
Interior Detail with Steam & Shampoo
Salt Stain Removal
Leather Conditioner
Steam clean all surfaces to remove bacteria
Vinyl Dressing
Decontamination + Claybar
Exhaust Tips Polished
Rims Decontaminated
1-Stage Paint Correction for $199
Window/Rain Sealant for $40 (up to 6 months)
luxus Detail
starting price
Everything in the 'Complete"
Engine bay wipe-down
Full paint decontamination + IPA cleaning
1-Stage Paint Correction with free consultation
Deep Clean of grilles, waterspots, wheelwells, exhaust, etc.
Gtechniq Liquid Crystal C2v3 nano-ceramic coating (Up to 8 months of protection
Leather Treatment Creme by Nanoskin
Water repellent treatment  (Aquapel / Nanoskin)
Ceramic Coating: Gtechniq ExoV4 for $399 (up to 3 years protection)
The Glossy Detail
Interior Detail + Carnauba Hand Waxing
starting price
Interior Detail with Steam & Shampoo
Salt Stain Removal
Steam clean all surfaces to remove bacteria
Vinyl Dressing
Salt stain treatment with steam & neutralizer
Rim Decontamination
Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Dressing
Butter Wet Wax Hand applied all painted surfaces
Claybar for $50
Window/Rain Sealant for $40 (up to 6 months)
claybar and wax
starting price
Exterior Wash & Bug Removal with decontamination and claybar
Carnauba Wax Application
Paste Wax $19.99
Paint Sealant + Clay Bar $59.99
claybar and sealant
starting price
Exterior Wash & Bug Removal
Full Paint Decontamination
IronX & TarX Treatment
Clay Bar
Polymer sealant that lasts up to 8-months!
Paint Sealant $19.99
starting price
Full Paint Decontamination
IronX & TarX Treatment
Clay Bar
Wax Application
Compound Paint (1-Stage)
Removes Minor Swirls, Scratches
Wax Application
2-Stage Paint Correction @ $200
3-Stage Paint Correction @ $700
Gtechniq ExoV4 Ceramic Coating @ $499

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Guy Levesque

2018 BMW M4 in java green, left in the hands of a Master...for GTechniq CS and Evo paint protection....now better than factory finish...impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail...well done Sutton. Luxus IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GO!!!! Check the pictures Sutton will soon post...

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Neil Patrick Kelly

Luxus offered the highest-quality and most efficient service I have ever received during four decades of driving. After many trips to the cottage with plants, flowers, bushes and equipment filling the SUV, the vehicle resembled a war zone of dust and grime. These lads missed NOTHING!

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Why choose Luxus Auto Detailing?

Experienced, Friendly & Reliable Team Members.

Our team understands the value of vehicles and respects your schedule and requests. Your car is always serviced on time and with meticulous attention to details. Whether it's a daily driver, or an exotic car 'The same car for a Lamborghini or a Mitsubishi'.

Brand New Car Effect

The passion of our staff, combined with our modern equipment detailing shows in our results. We use low-odour, BPA free ingredients & steam for a new car feeling.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

In case you have questions, our team is easy to talk to and only recommends services you really need. No one leaves Luxus without learning a tip or two on how to better care for your car. We have worked on virtually all brands like Ferrari, Tesla, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Antique's

Uber, Wifi, Keurig & Pickup + Dropoff

Our location offers Wifi and Keurig Coffee for short-term waiting! We can call you an Uber and cover the first $10 (up to 8kms)
*Pickup/Dropoff + Uber must be booked at a value greater than $150.

Luxus Guarantee

As many precautions that we follow, humans make mistakes. Vehicles can have over 1000 parts to be cleaned... we want our customers to be fully satisfied. See a spot? Let us know or come to take advantage of our free touch ups.

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