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Luxus Auto was built out of respect for quality craftsmanship, constant customer satisfaction, modern convenience, and most importantly for those who know what they want.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

We focus primarily on the customer experience, satisfaction, and a level of personalized care for each vehicle. With a wide range of car detailing services that can be customized for each individual vehicle. Quality is never compromised and remains the sole focus of each interaction.

We only work on a limited amount of vehicles at a time to ensure our high standards of quality workmanship is maintained at all times. With a custom-built facility coupled with knowledgeable and experienced staff, we achieve breath-taking results every time whether you opt-in for a basic package or a full paint restoration with paint protection such as ceramic coatings and clear paint protection films.

Inside our Shop, Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Car Wash, PPF, Paint Protection Film

Our Journey So Far



Luxus Auto started from humble beginnings.
Just a guy and his car. 

No shop, no fancy tools.

Just a desire to make cars look great!

He went from driveway-to-driveway, parking lot-to-parking lot, with the goal to do his best!



With enough experience and loyal clientele, Luxus Auto evolved and moved into its own shop!

And then another with more space, and then another with even more space.

It was no longer a one-man show. The team grew too, adding a wealth of knowledge and experience to further serve its clients.


New Beginnings

During Covid Luxus changed hands. With new management came new ideas, services, location, and staff, while still keeping true to the core values that propelled us to where we are today. 

Love of vehicles, care for our fellow humans, and quality!

Luxus will continue to pursue client satisfaction through a dedicated focus on the very best for your vehicle!

Porsche Targa in for PPF replacement. PPF saved the bumper from a trip to the Bodyshop for an expensive repair!

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